Every year, El Kawthar becomes more and more comfortable and habitable, which attracts new property buyers in Hurghada. Residential complexes with landscaped courtyards were built and settled in the area: with garden and swimming pools.

The main factor affecting the continued popularity of real estate in the area of ​​ El Kawthar among foreigners is the stunning layout of the apartments, combined with their beautiful finishes. Those who faced the problem of choosing an apartment in Hurghada, as a rule, are well aware that Egyptian ideas about its successful planning for a European are, to put it mildly, somewhat unusual. Most of them, of course, are trivially explained by the desire to reduce the cost of construction and to maximize the use of space in conditions of very dense development. In El Kawthar , the layout of apartments pleasantly surprises by combining the rationality of using space with aesthetics; these are more usual for a European person studios and apartments of medium and large area.

Despite the fact that the area has no direct access to the sea, from the windows of some apartments there is a beautiful panoramic view of the endless expanses of the sea. The best beaches of Hurghada, such as Dream Beach, Old Vic, Sheraton, etc., are within walking distance. The unique location of the area allows you to choose the most suitable beach of all their diversity.

The area El Kawthar is not only actively built up, but also is being landscaped, in a few years it will be an amazing place to do business, relax and stay with high-quality asphalt roads and lots of greenery.

The internal infrastructure is well developed in El Kawthar : there are many shops, including large Abu Ashara and Metro supermarkets, numerous cafes and restaurants, car dealerships, hospitals, kindergartens and schools, etc. This area, in fact, is very attractive in many ways for living in it, for doing business, and for investing in real estate. Accommodation in El Kawthar is highly liquid, and its cost is constantly increasing, besides, it is quite easy to rent apartments in this wonderful area.

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