Even if real estate in Hurghada is purchased for the purpose of permanent residence in it for a long time, you always need to think about how easy it can be to sell, because plans often tend to change. If we are talking about investing in real estate in Hurghada, then the issue of liquidity should be all the more a priority.

Long gone are the days when foreign real estate was interested in those for whom it became an emotional purchase – just because they really liked a particular country, its people, traditions, or remembered a vacation that was well spent in a particular place. Today, people approach buying a home especially carefully, thinking not only about how comfortable it will be to live in it, but also predicting how quickly and successfully it will be possible to sell it. Even if the purchase is carried out for personal use or to generate passive rental income, it is always important to think about the possibilities for the subsequent sale.

Liquidity parameters
What influences the real estate liquidity the most? This is, first of all, price, location and quality. If they exist, then it will be as easy as possible to sell housing in the future. The primary factors that determine the liquidity of an object are, of course, the cost and location of the object. Even in the case of a very low price, but an unfortunate location or an ideal location, but an inflated price, the issue of the subsequent sale will not be easy to resolve.

In order to understand how to sell real estate in the future, you need to present a portrait of a future buyer. Who might be interested in this: families for families with children, businessmen, students or retirees? It is also necessary to ask questions about how wide the potential audience is, what is the geography of potential buyers, etc. The greater the potential reach, the more chances that the buyer will not keep waiting for the owner to list the property for sale. Therefore, you should not buy something that seems interesting only to a few, but will not be in demand among the masses.

The current state of real estate is not the most decisive factor. After all, repair, both for yourself and for subsequent sale, is a question that can be solved. Sometimes, in order to sell profitably, it is better to buy a cheaper object in a good place, but which requires repair and invest in bringing it to a presentation, both for personal use and for subsequent sale. It is logical that new buildings at the final stages of construction or recently commissioned will be more expensive than similar options at earlier stages of construction or on the secondary market.

True, here a lot will depend on the specific object: when buying an apartment in an old building, difficulties may arise in agreements with neighbors to repair the entrance, if necessary – most likely, not all tenants will agree to do it. But the state of the entrance can also affect the success of the subsequent sale of the apartment. The first and last floors can also complicate the selling process. The ground floor has a higher chance of mold growth and may have less sun. For real estate, it is undesirable to purchase the last floor, not only because of the potential roof leakage, but also because it can be very hot there in summer, which is essential for resort housing. But here an individual approach is needed – if there are additional overlaps and an “air cushion” on top, then it is quite possible that there will be no overheating.

The scarcity of goods can also be called an important factor of liquidity. If in the selected location there is a large selection of similar properties in this price segment, it means that the competition for the subsequent sale will be great. Where objects for sale appear rarely and leave quickly, it is interesting to invest.